About BBC Active Video for Learning

BBC Active Video for Learning offers you the finest BBC television programmes ever produced for use in education and training. Each title comes with a full non-theatric licence, allowing you the necessary rights permissions to use powerful BBC content in your lectures, tutorials, classroom sessions, training seminars, festivals or exhibitions.

This website features just a fraction of the programming available via BBC Active Video for Learning. If you can’t find the BBC video you are looking for, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to track it down in the archive. Our portfolio covers a wide-ranging selection of categories, from Arts and Literature to Health and Safety and Science and Medicine to Social Issues and Education. You will find programmes from classic strands like Horizon and Disaster, as well as the most up to date political and current affairs documentary programming – and everything in-between!

All programmes on the website are available in DVD format. We can also discuss digital licensing options for those customers who wish to make content accessible in online environments.

BBC Active is a joint-venture between Pearson Education, the world’s largest education company and BBC Worldwide, the wholly-owned commercial subsidiary of the BBC. Visit www.bbcactive.com for more general information about BBC Active and an overview of the other services on offer.


Best Selling Titles

Science, Medicine & Technology
Ebola Frontline
Mental Health
Into the Mind
Health & Safety
Disaster - Series 1
Spiral to Disaster