The Bible's Buried Secrets
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Duration 3 x 50 minutes
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Broadcast Year 2011
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Uncovering the facts behind Bible stories

An extraordinary insight into some of the Old Testament's most iconic stories, from the Garden of Eden and King David to the God who revealed Himself to Abraham, Jacob and Moses. In the Bible's Buried Secrets, Francesca Stavrakopoulou travels across the deserts of Syria and the Sinai to Jerusalem, revealing the real Garden of Eden, the historical evidence for King David and his great empire, and the startling truth about the God of the Bible. She visits the ancient city of Ugarit in Syria, believed by many to be the most important archaeological discovery for years; reaches Khirbet Qeiyafa - a fortified city in Judah from the time of King David; and she sets foot on the very site where the real story of Eden unfolded.

This religious education series sees Francesca Stavrakopoulou visiting the sites made famous by the Bible to uncover the secrets behind the stories:

The Real Garden of Eden

Did God have a Wife?

Did King David's Empire Exist?





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