Border Country
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Broadcast Year 2014
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How borders shaped our world

In this beautifully filmed series, Boarder Country,  historian Rory Stewart studies the extraordinary landscape, oral history and archaeology of the Anglo-Scottish border, finding parallels with frontiers from Turkey to Nepal.Two thousand years ago, the Romans dominated the world. They divided their northernmost territory with an arbitrary marker; Hadrian’s Wall split the communities of Britain in two.

Border Country explores the Anglo-Scottish borderlands’ tumultuous history, learning how this boundary defined the region. Having served as a diplomat in fiercely contested borderlands from Indonesia and the Balkans to Iraq and Afghanistan, Rory has witnessed the effect of artificial frontiers, and the destructive potential of new nationalisms. Drawing on this experience, Rory reveals how borders are forged – both in the land and in our imagination.

Episodes in the series Border Country:

Border Country - Episode 1

Border Country - Episode 2

Border Country is a stunning and thought provoking BBC history series which looks at the parallels between the historic Scottish Borders and the effects of artificial borders throughout the world today.



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