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Disaster - Series 1
Category All Health & Safety
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Duration 6 x 30 mins
Product Code 21515
Broadcast Year 1997
Price £1,170.00

The Disaster - Series 1 examine the world's most dramatic catastrophes using original BBC footage, recreations and interviews with key decision-makers. Their powerful and detailed approach provides you with an effective health & safety training resource that speaks to the viewer in a way nothing else can. No one who sees these incredible programmes will be unaffected by the essential lessons which they convey.

  • Episode 1: Spiral to Disaster (also on DVD):  This insightful programme which recreates the disaster of the oil rig 'Piper Alpha' is used by health & safety professionals all over the globe. The catastrophe was not the result of a sudden, unpredictable explosion. Poor safety training, basic communication failures, and inadequate emergency decision-making procedures created an environment in which tragedy was inevitable.
  • Episode 2: Unflyable Plane:  The crash of a United Airlines DC10 in 1989.
  • Episode 3: The Goiana Incident: Two thieves broke in to a disused clinic in Brazil and sold on parts from a machine, which was contaminated with Caesium-137.
  • Episode 4: Atlantic:  The mental and physical pressures on two people whose boat sank whilst sailing the Atlantic.
  • Episode 5: The Chemical Scythe:  The investigations into the link between organophosphate chemicals commonly used for sheep-dipping and nerve gas.
  • Episode 6: October Fire:  A devastating accident involving Russian nuclear submarine K219 in 1986. 

Using events from history, these BBC instructional videos in Disaster - Series 1 provide essential health and safety training for all who watch.


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