Disaster - Series 2
Category All Health & Safety
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Duration 5 x 30 mins
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Broadcast Year 1998
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Disaster - Series 2 examines the issues surrounding major international incidents and questions whether they were preventable accidents or catastrophes waiting to happen?

  • Episode 1: Channel Tunnel Fire: In November 1996, 34 people were trapped in the Eurotunnel Shuttle from Calais. Four hundred and fifty firefighters worked for six hours to get the blaze under control.
  • Episode 2: A Major Malfunction: The final countdown to the launch of the 25th US space shuttle, Challenger, on 28th January 1986 sets the scene in a dramatic reconstruction of the Challenger disaster.
  • Episode 3: A Cut Price Tragedy: Despite a higher than average accident record, in 1996 the fast-growing US airline, Valujet, was flying 51 planes on 320 routes. On 31st May 1996 a Valujet DC-9 plunged into the Florida Everglades, killing all 110 people on board.
  • Episode 4: The Christinaki: This Episode examines the sinking of The Christinaki, a 26,000 ton ship in 1996 in the Atlantic Ocean. "
  • Episode 5: Fighting for Life: Two surgeons atBristol Royal Infirmary were heavily criticised for operating on babies

Using events from history, these BBC instructional videos in  Disaster - Series 2 provide essential health and safety training and warnings for all who watch.


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