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Addicted to Cheap Shopping
Category All Business
Series Title
Episode 1
Duration 60 mins
Product Code 21992
Broadcast Year 2007
Price £195.00

In the last 10 years the price of clothes has fallen by 36%, electronics by 56% and computers by 90%. This is the AGE OF CHEAP. And we love it.

But while there's much to celebrate, Cheap is now also provoking some intriguing questions:

  • Why are things so cheap?
  • What is the hidden cost?
  • And is it all going to come to an end soon?

In this 60' BBC film, Addicted to Cheap Shopping, Libby Potter sets out on an extraordinary journey to discover the answers to these questions. She wants to know whether we are all living in a fools paradise. And whether we should begin now to give up cheap - or face disastrous consequences.

Addicted to Cheap is a business teaching resource from the BBC archive.



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