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Spies at Work
Category All Business
Series Title
Episode 1
Duration 30 mins
Product Code 21429
Broadcast Year 2002
Price £195.00

Have you ever stolen from your employer? Perhaps you've borrowed stationery from the office cupboard, or sloped off early without letting the boss know.

Ever spent an afternoon surfing the net and sending personal e-mails, or improved your expenses claim with a few phoney restaurant bills and taxi fares? If you thought no one was watching, perhaps you should think again.

Workplace theft by employees costs British companies nearly £200m every year. It's become such a problem that some corporations have begun to fight back. Spies At Work uncovers the secret world of workplace moles, and how they could be spying on you.

In this BBC documentary, Spies At Work, the world of business is explored and investigated.


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