Rome - What Lies Beneath
Category All History
Series Title
Episode 1
Duration 90 minutes
Product Code 24285
Broadcast Year 2012
Price £195.00

Walk the streets of legend in Rome - What Lies Beneath

The Romans were one of the most intriguing and powerful civilisations to have ever lived. Now, building on the extraordinary techniques used in Egypt: What Lies Beneath, Dr Sarah Parcak and her team re-harness space-archaeology to discover what the glory of the Roman Empire was really like.

With satellite archaeology and high-tech remote-sensing tools at its heart, Rome - What Lies Beneath peels back the layers of history to literally see Rome in all its magnificence. Culminating in a visually mind-blowing series of CGI revelations, viewers will be able to walk the streets of legend and discover the history of Rome as never before.

Rome - What Lies Beneath is an epic BBC history documentary which will bring Roman history to life.



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