Allergies - Modern Life and Me (Horizon)
Category All Science, Medicine & Technology
Series Title
Episode 1
Duration 50 minutes
Product Code 24847
Broadcast Year 2014
Price £195.00

Allergies - Modern Life and Me (Horizon) discovers that allergies are on the rise, and reaching epidemic proportions, but curiously only in the western world. Professor Graham Rook believes that the changes we have made to our environment are impacting our microbiome - the bacteria that live in and on every one of us - and that this is having a knock on effect on our immune system.

Allergies - Modern Life and Me (Horizon) puts the lives of two ordinary families under the microscope to see if the theory plays out in the real world. From the food in their shopping trolley to the way they wash their hands, will the experiment offer an insight into why allergies are increasing?

Allergies - Modern Life and Me (Horizon) is an insightful BBC medicine series which looks at the sudden increase in allergies in the modern world and examines the theories behind why this has happened. 


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