The Assassination of Che Guevara
Category All History
Series Title Infamous Assassinations
Episode 14
Duration 25 mins
Product Code 22027
Broadcast Year 2007
Price £195.00

The Assassination of Che Guevara is part of the Infamous Assassinations series that looks at the politics behind some of the worlds most famous assassinations.

 Bolivia, 1967 Born to a middle-class Argentine family, Ernesto "Che" Guevara became an icon for revolution and rebellious youth all over the world. One of Fidel Castro's most trusted lieutenants in the Cuban revolution, he left to become a guerilla leader fermenting uprisings against other South American dictatorships. Captured in Bolivia on 8 October 1967, he was assassinated by a CIA-inspired killer.

The Assassination of Che Guevara is part of a series of history resources by the BBC.


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