The Attempts on De Gaulle
Category All History
Series Title Infamous Assassinations
Episode 18
Duration 25 mins
Product Code 22031
Broadcast Year 2007
Price £195.00

The Attempts on De Gaulle is part of the Infamous Assassinations series.

France, 1961: The Day of the Jackal. There were three attempts to kill General de Gaulle, all of which were unsuccessful. The first was by German snipers in Paris 1945. The second was on 8 September 1961, when a plastic charge was fired at his car by a gang controlled by Raoul Salan. The third attempt was on 22nd August 1962, when his car was raked by machine-gun fire which shattered the rear window and burst two tyres. The General escaped all three attempts, but was there a fourth which was not reported?

The Attempts on De Gaulle is part of a series of BBC educational TV programmes looking at the history and politics behind these events


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